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Say goodbye to high phone bills. No contracts needed,
no tricks or sneaky fine print, no hidden fees.
We’re easy to work with.
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The Smartest Business VoIP
Solution You Can Get.

Our technology is built and maintained by our in-house
Engineering team. Need technical help? Our US-based
Tech Support team is just a phone call away.
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Velis4, The Customer-Friendly
VoIP Solution

Our helpful team and swift implementation
will make your Business VoIP experience easy.
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The five biggest mistakes to avoid when purchasing a VoIP solution.

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  • Signing a contract for any new service that impacts every employee is a scary thing. 

    Signing a contract that impacts every employee -- and every customer that speaks with your company -- is even scarier.

    Hosted VoIP phone service is commonplace in business today, and business owners don't fear the quality of service as much as they used to back when it was new. However, there is one thing all IT professionals and CEOs should remember when considering signing a new VoIP service contract.

  • Velis4's solutions were recently reviewed by Ryan Heafey of

    "Velis4’s best business hosted VoIP system takes this one step further by allowing you to have your VoIP services hosted and maintained by Velis4. Since it becomes a part of hosted cloud services, it will free your business up from having to worry about the equipment, paying for the resources, and having to troubleshoot problems," stated Ryan Heafey in his online review.