To ensure that your number port goes smoothly, please follow the steps below.

Please note that even the slightest error or omission on these forms can be used by your current carrier to delay or reject your number port request.

  1. Locate a copy of a recent phone bill for each carrier you wish to port numbers from. The first page of this document is most important as it typically identifies the account/billing telephone number (BTN) and the service address on file with your current carrier. Also include all pages from the bill showing the phone numbers you wish to port.
  2. Use the form below to generate a letter of authorization (LOA) document for each carrier that you wish to port numbers from. You will need to print and sign this document. The document must be signed by a person who is authorized on the CSR (customer service record) with your current service provider.
  3. Return the signed LOA form with a copy of your bill to your Velis4 account representative.

Please provide the following information from your current bill:
Current Service Provider:  * Required
Customer Billing Name:  *
Customer Billing Telephone Number (BTN):  *
Customer Email:  *
Customer Billing Address: *
Address (Cont):
City: *
State: *
Zip Code: *
If your service address (where the service is being delivered to) is not the same as your billing address above, please provide your service address:
Service Address:
Address (Cont):
Zip Code:
Please enter the phone numbers you'd like to port
Numbers to Port:
Separate numbers by a carriage return or a comma
Please enter the Toll Free numbers you'd like to transfer
800 Numbers to Transfer:
Separate 800 numbers by a carriage return or a comma
Please create an LOA/Resporg, sign the document, and submit via email to [email protected]
Click Here to Generate an LOA for Porting Local Numbers
Click Here to Generate a RESPORG form for Toll-Free Numbers
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