The Velis4 Enterprise Hosted Enterprise Call Center suite is a comprehensive contact center solution offering inbound, outbound, call blending, ACD, IVR, call recording, and more.

The CenterWare Enterprise Hosted Call Center suite touts a powerful contact center management module, which incorporates user-friendly features that allow supervisors and agents to easily master its applications through a graphically rich web environment. The CenterWare Call Center management module makes it easy for even a non-expert to administer the contact center.

Enterprise Hosted Call Center Features:
  • Enable agents to deliver a consistent message to contacts, with a web-based agent script tailored to the purpose of each call
  • Database and CRM Integration with any ERP, CRM, or management applications through ActiveX components, web applet components, APIs, and drivers for all applications
  • A comprehensive set of modules for every role in your enterprise contact center, including an administration module, agent module, supervisor module, and contact center reporting module
  • Voicemail call back in addition to many multimedia features, including email call back, fax functions, compatibility with wall boards, and web chat text
  • A Hosted Predictive Dialer with predictive dialing, autodialer, progressive dialing, manual dialing or with the option to dial previously dialed records.
  • Automatic Call Distribution to quickly distribute inbound calls by using welcome menus and targeted announcements during waiting time.
  • Interactive Voice Response that communicates through automatic voice response menus, the internet, e-mail, XML, IP, chat and fax to boost your agents' productivity by freeing up time to handle calls requiring more assistance.
  • Call Center Recording for monitoring and supporting your contact center operation by allowing you to assess and improve service levels, supervise management quality, and prove and detect fraud, payment promises, and proof of negotiations.
  • And more!

The Enterprise Call Center boasts comprehensive, cutting-edge features for enterprise-level contact centers. For a more limited set of features for reduced call center requirements, view our Basic & Small Business Call Center Solutions.

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