Voice-over-Internet-Protocol is the methodology for delivering voice communications via the internet rather than the traditional public switched telephone network. VoIP technology allows organizations to reduce costs and take advantage of advanced feature sets.
We’re a product and customer-service focused organization. Our Engineering team has built our technology platform using world-class equipment and back-end services. Our Customer Care line is always open to discuss your needs, answer questions, and troubleshoot issues.
For new service, the installation timeframe is generally 10-15 days depending on porting of numbers. Changes/addition to cabling or broadband service can also increase lead time.
Our Hosted VoIP solution is all-inclusive for Domestic (local & long-distance) and Canadian calls. International calling can be included based on a rate chart for each country.
One of the foremost advantages of Velis4 is our extensive feature-set comparable to the most advanced phone systems. Most features are available with no additional cost or setup required. Contact us for a full list of Velis4 supported features.


As VoIP relies heavily on routing via the internet connection to your business, implementing the proper circuit is important to ensure reliability and quality of service. Depending on the number of users in your organization, Velis4 can work with you to ensure the proper bandwidth and internet connection is in place.
Yes, our team would be happy to include new circuitry with your VoIP package or work with the service you currently have in place.


As opposed to private (PBX) systems, our Hosted VoIP solution can be implemented with minimal hardware requirements – typically compatible phones and a router. As every organization has different needs, hardware, and network configurations, please reach out to our team to discuss the optimal plan for your phone needs.
Yes, Velis4 SIP Trunk services will provide dial-tone and routing services for customers with their own on-premise phone system.

Number Portability

Local Number Portability (known as “LNP”) is the process of transferring a customer’s phone number(s) from one local phone company's switching equipment to another. This includes a transfer from an older analog system to VoIP. If your current phone numbers are standard US numbers, it is highly likely we will be able to make a transfer when you sign up for Velis4 VoIP service. In the rare instances where this is problematic, there are workarounds we can implement. Contact our sales team to see if your number(s) are portable.
  1. Complete a Letter of Authorization (LOA) Form.
  2. Print out the LOA, sign and date the form.
  3. Scan and email or fax the completed LOA, along with a copy of a recent service bill from your current service provider, to Velis4 at 877-294-8848 or [email protected].

It is important that you include a copy of a recent phone bill so we can insure all numbers are captured and we identify the user (you) as you are known in the records of your current carrier. Accurate information contributes to a smooth and speedy LNP process.

Porting your number can take 20 or more business days from receipt of complete and correct paperwork. Depending on the complexity of the order, the porting interval may vary. However, once the porting process commences, we can implement a short term solution that is transparent to you and your callers and keep your calls flowing seamlessly.
In certain rare cases, if we cannot port your number, we can provide a new number. Or, you may decide to keep your existing phone number and we will provide various options that will help you save money on usage costs.
Yes. In late 2003, Federal legislation went into effect allowing wireless phone customers to port their numbers. See the FCC's official Wireless Local Number Portability (WLNP) information for more on wireless number portability.
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