What is Hosted VOIP Service?

With Velis4 Hosted VoIP Phone Service (Voice over Internet Protocol), calls are routed over the internet rather than the traditional telecom network. No need to purchase and manage expensive equipment on-site, all you need is Velis4 service. Your VoIP Desk Phone or other device connects to a Velis4 Data Center via the public internet or a point-to-point connection. Features and updates can be implemented in a Web Portal or by our Tech Support team remotely. Velis4 Hosted VoIP is hassle-free and low-cost while providing a host of features that would otherwise only be available with enterprise-level on-site phone systems.

What are the Benefits of Velis4 Hosted VoIP?
Clean out the ‘phone closet’ full of complicated analog gear. No need for expensive IT Support to maintain your phone system. All you need is a VoIP Phone, Router, and an Internet Connection.
Since our system is internet-based, the list of available features is almost endless and can be customized to suit your company’s needs. Features can similarly be enabled/disabled remotely, no on-site visit required.
Easily add, remove, and change seats as your team grows. No additional contracts required, just request an additional seat and a phone, we’ll take care of the rest.
Don’t lose your Phone Numbers just because you’re switching service. Almost all numbers can be ‘ported’ over to Velis4 service and set-up to ring anyway you like. Need new numbers? We can help with that, too.
Have an issue with your service? Our Technical Support team, working in Los Angeles and Atlanta, is here to help. We offer lengthy regular support hours and emergency support on nights and weekends.
Employees in multiple locations? Operate as one team regardless of where you are. Take advantage of extension dialing, call flows that ring any phone, and call forwarding features so you never miss a call.
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